As part of our operation, the Transparency Medical Committee has been integrated considering each institution involved in the COVID-19 pandemic in our city. This includes doctors, nurses, nutritionists and health workers from public and private hospitals to know the demands first hand and in real time in the COVID-19 care centers. Its objective is to make recommendations for the distribution of personal protective equipment, as well as any medical supplies received by donation in kind and in purchases, in a fair and transparent manner to Support Tijuana.

It is worth mentioning that the doctors are independent of our initiative and participate voluntarily to provide support and consulting in the daily needs of the health sector.

The committee is composed by:

  • Dra. Erika Melissa Machado (Enlace Binacional/Jurisdicción de Servicios de Salud de Tijuana)
  • Dr. Adrián Valverde Arellano (Jurisdicción de Servicios de Salud de Tijuana)
  • Dr. Carlos Julián de Loera (Cruz Roja Tijuana)
  • Dra. Isabel Calvo (Hospital General de Tijuana)
  • Dr. Juan Herrera Rodríguez (HGR IMSS No.1)
  • Dr. Daniel Pacheco (HGR. IMSS No.20)
  • Melissa Ruíz Parra (Turismo Médico)
  • Dr. Cesar Alejandro Amescua García (Hospital Ángeles)
  • Dra. Vanessa Félix Arce (Clínica Santa Clarita) 
  • Dr. Héctor Steve Silva Acevedo (Clínica Santa Clarita)
  • Dr. Javier Cisneros López (Grupo Abadi)
  • Dr. Jorge Serrano (Tentativo- Sector Privado)